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CytoMegaloVirus Infection Database: A Public Omics Database for Systematic and Comparable Information of CMV

CMV,HCMV,Infection,Public database,Biological database,CMV database...

Q-Nuc: a bioinformatics pipeline for the quantitative analysis of nucleosomal profiles

Nucleosome organization,Genome structure,Positional randomness,Nucleosome occupancy,Hidden Markov models...

Revealing the Mechanism of EGCG, Genistein, Rutin, Quercetin, and Silibinin Against hIAPP Aggregation via Computational Simulations

hIAPP,Flavonoids,Molecular docking,Molecular dynamics simulation...

PPLK+C: A Bioinformatics Tool for Predicting Peptide Ligands of Potassium Channels Based on Primary Structure Information

Peptide,Prediction,Bioinformatics,Potassium channel,Machine learning...