Aims and scope

Interdisciplinary Sciences--Computational Life Sciences aims to cover the most recent and outstanding developments in interdisciplinary areas of sciences, especially focusing on computational life sciences, an area that is enjoying rapid development at the forefront of scientific research and technology.

The journal publishes original papers of significant general interest covering recent research and developments. Articles will be published rapidly by taking full advantage of internet technology for online submission and peer-reviewing of manuscripts, and then by publishing OnlineFirstTM through SpringerLink even before the issue is built or sent to the printer.

The editorial board consists of many leading scientists with international reputation, among others, Luc Montagnier (UNESCO, France), Dennis Salahub (University of Calgary, Canada), Weitao Yang (Duke University, USA). Prof. Dongqing Wei at the Shanghai Jiatong University is appointed as the editor-in-chief; he made important contributions in bioinformatics and computational physics and is best known for his ground-breaking works on the theory of ferroelectric liquids. With the help from a team of associate editors and the editorial board, an international journal with sound reputation shall be created.